Absolutely worth it!! She saves us valuable vacation time  

Dave and Cindy   West Deptford, NJ USA.

We used Shop & Drop for the first time when we were in SXM early February and had a very good experience. We always buy our groceries right after we land and get our car. We had read the reviews on TTOL and decided to give them a try. It couldn’t have worked better as a storm in the Northeast messed up our travel plans and instead of arriving around 3:30 pm we got in around 10:45 pm. We were very happy when we got to The Cliff at Cupecoy and saw all our grocery items there waiting for us and personally want to thank Jeannie. We are going back in June and will be using their service once again.  

Dutchman- Up state New York

I can attest to the fact Jeannie goes the extra mile for her customers. There was a real muck up at the Flamingo on the day we arrived and what should have been a simple drop off turned into a major production. Jeannie never gave up tho - tracked me down via Sharon as I was picking up my phone - I was semi prepared for the mess at the front desk - she stuck around till it all got straightened out & then got the groceries into the room! And then she talked the painters to help me with our luggage! A full service kind of gal!

Yes, the groceries are more expensive than if I went to shop myself, but I knew that when I ordered cuz the prices are clearly stated. And she did have to substitute a couple of items but that's about being on an island. I loved having a cold beer to decompress after the mess at check in. And I will absolutely use her service again without thinking twice about it. Just loved the convenience. 

Mary Beth- Rhode Island

We don't use Shop n Drop ONLY because we actually enjoy shopping ourselves when on island .

However, Jeannie is a forever friend that I can say ALWAYS goes the extra mile....she helps out worthy organizations on island in her (is there really any?) spare time, and went to bat for us when I (stupidly, totally MY fault) bid on an auction item that had an expiration date before our arrival on island. She worked with the vendor (more than once) to get the date extended so that we could use it.

I recommend her shop n drop service to everyone we meet (even though we've never used it) because I KNOW that she will do a great job - her work ethic shows through in EVERYTHING that she touches.

I don't fault anyone for saying that this service "isn't for everyone". Because not everyone may actually need it. But if you do, I will guarantee that Jeannie will do everything humanly possible to provide superior service. Of course some things may/will be out of her control. But even then, most people would say "not my problem". NOT Jeannie. She is the personification of "going the extra mile". 'Nuf said.

Lee Ann - Canada.

We used Jeannie last year for a very, very large order for 3 couples. Several of the items on the list were not available, but we understand the challenges of getting items to the island. We worked around the items and communicated with Jeannie up until our day of departure. To our surprise several of our items became available later in our trip and she brought them to us. We also ordered from her again while on the island. For us the value of the service was not wasting many hours on our day of arrival shopping and then reshopping again during our trip. The value was also meeting Jeannie and getting to know her. Our order was massive with a wide variety of products to meet 6 peoples unique tastes. I could not have been happier with the service. Thank you Jeannie.  

NJ Harry - New Jersey

Just wanted to add another big thumbs up for Shop and Drop (and Jeannie!). We have used her several times and absolutely love her! One thing that really stood out for us was that when she looked over our list after we ordered she actually called me about some options that I had overlooked because she remembered I had a child with Type 1 diabetes and she knew that they might come in handy. I was floored at her memory...and thoughtfulness! We order a LOT of items for our family of 6, plus guests, and she remembered things that I forgot I ordered!

I never expect that it will completely get rid of me having to set foot inside of any store for my entire vacation. Sometimes even with everything I order I realize that there are a few things I forgot to order or didn't think I would need, but being able to run in and out of a store in 5 minutes to grab one or two items is COMPLETELY different from having to spend an hour or more grocery and sundry shopping and going from store to store looking for things and then lugging them back to the resort and making several elevator trips, wasting lots of valuable vacation time! Plus arriving to a fully stocked suite is priceless with kids who are often tired and hungry after the long day of travel, and knowing we have juice and other items our child with T1D needs is also a weight off of our mind.

We cannot say enough nice things about her service, but because she is also such a wonderful person we have been developing a nice friendship with her along the way! Looking forward to using your services again this summer, Jeannie! 

Mecs- Pennsylvania

Jeannie provides an outstanding service - but, not all services are suited to all people.
I can tell you that Jeannie even ADDED a product to her list for me, a wine that I can only find in France or St. M (not even online). This was accomplished by contacting Jeannie by e-mail and politely inquiring.
So, here's another resounding endorsement of Jeannie; I'll definitely be using Shop N Drop again this July!  

Kathy- New Jersey

We too have used Jeanie and her service. I swear if she couldn't find a loaf of bread on the island she would bake you one. I don't think she has a limit when it comes to customer service. Certainly a Malcolm Baldridge Award winner!

that sums her up well. jeannie really does go above and beyond.  

Lotsan- New York

Jeannie is worth every penny when it comes to providing those that want it, a truly valuable service. With that said, I understand that everyone has a different budget when it comes to vacation dollars. They also have a different idea of what being on vacation means. For us, it is a total luxury to have someone go grocery shopping, deliver and put our groceries in their proper places so that when we arrive the only thing we have to think about is "which beach we are going to" or what excursion/activity we would like to do while on island. The mundane task of grocery shopping feels to much like home for us and the precious time that it would take away from our actual vacation, not to mention the fact that we would have to rent a car, find all of the stores she shops at, do the shopping, lug it up to our room and unload it isn't what we came to St. Maarten to do. We feel the money that we save by having coffee, breakfast items, liquor, water, ect. at our disposal as opposed to going out for each of these items every day (we have done this) is so worth whatever it is that Jeannie charges. Now, as far as the tipping is concerned, she earns each and every dollar that she is given. She personally ensures that every order is complete, correct and in your unit when you arrive. She is always smiling, sweet and more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure her customers are happy. Better service than that I challenge you to find anywhere. If you have the pleasure of getting to know her personally, she is a wonderful friend, gracious, caring, warm and welcoming. We truly feel blessed to have met her, value her friendship and respect the fact that she is in business like many of us that visit St. Maarten and that business needs to sustain its profitablity. We have a saying in the U.S. "You get what you pay for", and like I said in my opening sentence, Jeannie is worth every penny!!!!  

Deb N Lena - Northern Virginia

 I used shopanddrop during my trip to St Martin in December. I must say Jeannie (the owner) is a true professional and the warmest, frendliest, most welcoming person I have ever met. Our flight was delayed significantly and we arrived to the island after dark. Jeannie was nice enougth to meet us in the airport and literally escort us to the other side of the island where our accomodations were. In terms of the groceries everyting was as advertized.
If you are looking for a grocery delivery service on St. Martin, ShopNDrop is the way to go. I can't wait to go back and will be calling contacting Jeannie again.

Smokin Mokin- Canada

 I was hesitant to try at first, now we are hooked. Not only do we not have to worry about it when arriving but it is nice to have a cold beer when we get to our room. Also, we do not have to go to multiple stores to get the specific items we want or haul to our room.
Will be using her service in under 30 days for about our 5th time.

Todd & MJ - Vancouver , WA

 We have already used Jeannie and her service six times since she began her business with number seven soon to come and I just can't say it enough - she is absolutely terrific and it is her genuine aim to please her clients. Many of the posters who've already commented here were skeptical when we first talked about her but you can read their kudos, one and all, once they actually used her services. 
Good job, Jeannie - you are truly THE BEST!!

Pat- Brookfield- CT

 We used her service in April and were very pleased. Hubby was a bit skeptical at first...."we can do our own shopping". I already knew that there wouldn't be enough room in our car for a grocery stop on the way to the hotel. He then thought we could just run out after we unpacked. No not me!! I just wanted to be on the beach!! We had Jeannie bring alcohol, breakfast items, water, etc. Enough to get us through our first night and breakfast the next morning. It was so nice to have this done for us! I didn't have to go to the store and think- oh what do we need? The price of the groceries seemed the same but it was so worth the extra money for this service. We will be using her again in April!

Laurel   - Grenville- MA

 We have used Jeannie since she started her business and we are happy supporters. She is the sweetest person and will do anything she can to make your vacation the best. We will be receiving her service in a few days and can't wait to be pampered! 

Elizabeth- Ottawa, Canada

Great service, used her for the first time last Feb. Will plan to use her service again this Feb- really wonderful to un-pack having a cold beer and being able to take one to watch the sunset. 

Carib Michael- Michigan

Just to let everyone know, that Jeannie from ShopnDrop does miracles. I placed my order this morning, around 1:30am, knew where I was staying but didn't know the room number. We checked in a half hour ago, and guess what, all our provisions are in our room, cold stuff cold, warm stuff sitting out just like it is supposed to be. Jeannie you are the GREATEST!!! -


 Having just returned, I need to give a shout out to Jeannie. I've enjoyed her wine tastings in the past, and decided to take advantage of her grocery delivery service. How nice to get into your unit and be able to have some nice wine/drinks and snacks waiting for you!
As always, Jeannie gives a very personal touch; you really feel as if a friend on the island has taken care of things for you.

Kathy- New Jersey

I have also had the PLEASURE of using Jeannie's service for the past 3 years. She is a wonderful person and her service is incomparable

 Long Island Sharon

On arrival at our villa, Jeannie from Stop and Drop was waiting for us with everything to get our kitchen (and bar) set up. If you have spent much time on this forum, you know how highly recommended Jeannie is. She lives up to the billing. Her service was wonderful. She even helped us find someone to cook meals for us in our villa and checked on us during our stay. We never again found fresh produce as good as what she stocked us with on the first day!

David H - Memphis